“Unanswered Questions” Hit With Fresh Wave Of Criticism Following Apology

The show has been plagued with allegations of being biased and untruthful.

Korean netizens reacted to Unanswered Questions’ response to its controversial FIFTY FIFTY episode.


On August 24, SBS‘s Unanswered Questions finally responded to the international backlash stemming from its FIFTY FIFTY episode.

The episode aired August 19 titled “Unanswered Questions: Billboard and Girl Group,” was produced in order to help consider what K-Pop needs in order for it to continue onwards, through the FIFTY FIFTY case.

Firstly, deviating from the producers’ intentions, the broadcast ended up hurting the hearts of many staff who work onsite for K-Pop, as well as the many fans who love K-Pop. For that, we are deeply sorry. We have taken to heart the criticism and words sent to us by both the Korea Management Union and the Korean Celebrity Production Union.

— Unanswered Questions

The investigative program then revealed that it would continue to look into allegations surrounding FIFTY FIFTY’s legal feud with ATTRAKT. The program also stated it would release a follow-up episode at a later date.

As such, we wish to make it known that our program was not one meant to side with either party or the interests surrounding them, and regarding a few matters that are in controversy right now, we will carry out additional investigations and make up for the parts that were lacking through an additional follow-up episode.

Thank you for showing interest in Unanswered Questions. We will repay everyone’s support through deeper investigations.

— Unanswered Questions

Netizens reacted to the apology, with many criticizing the program for not admitting that its controversial episode was biased. Others maintained their stance that the program was untrustworthy.

  • “What is there to say in the follow-up episode? It’s not like you guys will admit in the episode that the previous one was biased and had misinformation, right?”
  • “What do you mean follow-up episode? The show is maliciously edited and should go off-air.”
  • “You’ve already lost our trust.”
  • “Objective my butt.”
  • “Who would have thought I would trust Dispatch more than Unanswered Questions?”
  • “I wish they wouldn’t do a follow-up. I can’t trust the show’s sincerity anymore. I am so disappointed.”
  • “They did this to themselves. I can’t trust them anymore.”
  • “How can you say you were objective after being so biased?”

Previously, the once-acclaimed investigative program faced intense scrutiny after it aired an episode covering the FIFTY FIFTY saga that audiences felt was heavily biased. Read more about it in the link below.

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Source: theqoo