SBS Addresses “Unanswered Questions'” Reported Response To FIFTY FIFTY Backlash

SBS’s Unanswered Questions is facing massive backlash.

SBS‘s Unanswered Questions denied taking down the trailer to its controversial FIFTY FIFTY episode due to backlash.

SBS building | Daum

On August 22, an SBS representative revealed to OSEN denied previous reports stating that the show had deleted the trailer to its FIFTY FIFTY episode due to the massive backlash following its airing.

We didn’t delete the trailer due to the controversy. We usually take down the trailers for episodes after airing them. It is being reported that we deleted it because of the backlash, but this isn’t true.


Meanwhile, SBS’s Unanswered Questions is facing an unprecedented backlash due to its FIFTY FIFTY episode. Audiences alleged that the investigative program’s reporting was biased in favor of the members.

To add to the backlash, Dispatch exposed the episode for airing lies stated by a family member of the group. The controversy reached a fever pitch when ATTRAKT came out to reveal the program had omitted relevant court documents it had provided the show.

Dispatch Exposes FIFTY FIFTY Family Member’s Lies Sparking Renewed Backlash

When asked about the backlash to the episode, SBS declined to comment.


Source: osen