Here Are The 3 Scariest TWICE Members, According To Nayeon

Can you guess all three?

The TWICE members are all sweethearts, but they, too, can seem scary to others! In Episode 2 of TIME TO TWICE‘s “YES or NO,” Nayeon revealed who she thinks are the scariest members in the group.

During the episode, the girls had the opportunity to ask for anything from their members, but the catch was that they had to choose either “yes” or “no” without knowing what was being asked.

When it was time for Jihyo’s turn, she came up with a question that lured her members into giving her a gift.

As she wrote on the paper, however, Nayeon brought up how scary she looks. Hilariously, Momo readily agreed with her!

Jihyo looks scary. Jihyo is always…kinda scary.

— Nayeon

Jihyo laughed in disbelief and defended herself, shouting, “I’m not scary!

Nayeon’s next pick was none other than Mina. Mina, however, simply laughed in response.

The other members also agreed with Nayeon’s choice, adding, “Yeah, Mina is totally scary!

Finally, the third and last member that Nayeon picked was Dahyun. Dahyun appeared to be surprised to hear her name being mentioned, but rather than say anything, she scoffed at them.

Watch the hilarious exchange in the full episode below!

Source: TWICE


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