Here’s The Scariest Scene “All Of Us Are Dead”‘s Cho Yi Hyun Had To Film—And It Didn’t Involve Any Zombies

She was “really scared” to film it.

Netflix‘s teen zombie flick All of Us Are Dead has been seeing incredible success all over the globe, as it continues to break records and make headlines weeks after its premiere. As the talented actors from the series also continue to make headlines, actress Cho Yi Hyun has started to garner attention for her most recent interview.

Actress Cho Yi Hyun | Netflix

The stunning actress, who portrayed the class president Choi Nam Ra, shared an interesting behind-the-scene story about her time on the production set. In particular, Choi Yi Hyun revealed her honest thoughts regarding one specific slapping scene involving her character and Lee Yoo Mi‘s character, Lee Na Yeon.

I was really scared. Usually in scenes where you have to hit someone, the actors typically work together so that it looks like you’re being hit, but it’s actually all fake. However, in ‘All of Us Are Dead’, Lee Yoo Mi unnie‘s face was zoomed in on during the slapping scene. That’s why I had to actually hit unnie‘s face. I was so scared.

— Cho Yi Hyun

Cho Yi Hyun slapping Lee Yoo Mi.

The actress continued by revealing that Lee Yoo Mi helped her through the entire scene to ensure they could get the “okay” from the director with one take.

Unnie is such a veteran. She told me, ‘Yi Hyun, you need to do these types of scenes in one take. Doing it in two takes is even worse.’ She helped me in detail so that we could wrap it up in one take. Honestly with this particular scene, rather than my acting, I was more focused on ‘what am I going to do if I don’t get the ‘okay’ in one shot and we have to do it two times.’

— Cho Yi Hyun

Cho Yi Hyun (green) and Lee Yoo Mi (pink) checking out the scene together.

The scene in question involved Choi Nam Ra (Choi Yi Hyun) slapping Lee Na Yeon (Lee Yoo Mi) across the face after learning about the despicable act Lee Na Yeon had committed to one of their fellow classmates.

Lee Yoo Mi’s character yelling at Cho Yi Hyun’s character before the slap.

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