From Co-Stars To Lovers: Actors Park Se Young And Kwak Jung Wook To Get Married This February

They have maintained a devoted relationship for nine years!

Actors Park Se Young and Kwak Jung Wook are reportedly preparing to get married!

Park Se Young
Kwak Jung Wook

It turns out that these two have been close for quite a while, nine years to be exact! Kwak Jung Wook shared a photo with the actress back in July 2013. The two smiled for the camera as he rested his hand on her shoulder with the other doing a “V.”

Even back then, he publicly expressed love and affection. He included both a sweet compliment and a heart emoji!

I ran into Se Young noona at KBS ❤️
Noona, why are you so pretty… ><
By the way, Lee Se Young is in Puberty Medley
Maybe the Se Youngs can support each other…

— Kwak Jung Wook

The actors first met on the set of the coming-of-age K-Drama School 2013. Park Se Young played Song Ha Gyung, the vice president of the class and the first place in the school, while Kwak Jeong Wook portrayed troublemaker Oh Jung Ho. Based on this description alone, you can tell these characters were antagonists as they were opposites but both confident in themselves.

Park Se Young as Song Ha Gyung.

So, clearly, despite being opposed to one another onscreen, their offscreen relationship couldn’t be more different! For nine years, these two have had a warm and loving relationship.

Kwak Jeong Wook as Oh Jung Ho.

Park Se Young’s entertainment agency CL& Company made the official announcement about the actors’ relationship in a press release. The agency said that the relationship had developed from co-stars on School 2013 to friends to ultimately lovers. They’ve remained very close since first meeting. Now, the two will marry in February in an intimate ceremony.

Hello, this is CL&Company. We have good news to share about one of our actresses, Park Se Younng.

Park Se Young will be getting married to her boyfriend, actor Kwak Jung Wook, mid-February of 2022. The two started off as friends after appearing in School 2013 together. Then, a few years ago, they developed feelings for each other and began dating. As best friends and as true loves, the two have been nothing but supportive and protective of each other. Now that they have decided to share the rest of their lives together, they hope to have your blessings.

Please note the wedding will be held privately with only the closest family and friends present, due to the current situation. We hope the fans and press understand.

Actress Park Se Young will continue to work hard to showcase her talent on screen. She hopes to show appreciation for your love and support by being the best version of herself. Thank you again for celebrating her career and future to come.

— CL& Company


Best wishes to the happy couple!

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