SECHS KIES’s Kang Sung Hoon Finally Wins Lawsuit Regarding His Fan Meeting In Taiwan

The case has been open for 3 years.

Less than 3 years ago, from September to November 2018, a group of SECHSKIES fans filed a complaint against member Kang Sung Hoon and his fan club, Hoony World, for alleged fraud and embezzlement. They also accused him of not properly refunding the tickets after his fan meeting in Taiwan was canceled. The charges were eventually dropped due to lack of evidence. Kang Sung Hoon reported at the time that the local Taiwanese organizers lied to him, which led to the government rejecting his visa request.

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Recently, Woori Entertainment had sued Kang Sung Hoon for damage compensation. Last week, the Seoul Northern District Court declared that Kang Sung Hoon had won the lawsuit and ordered Woori Entertainment to pay him ₩80 million KRW (about $72,000 USD) and fix related damages caused by the cancellation of the fan meeting.

It seems appropriate to conclude that the original cause of this fan meeting’s cancellation was the fault of [Kang Sung Hoon]’s representatives in Taiwan. When Kang Sung Hoon and YG Entertainment were under an exclusive contract, Kang Sung Hoon was permitted to pursue personal promotions in areas that were not under YG’s jurisdiction. It appears that the document requested by the Taiwanese Ministry of Labor was between Woori Entertainment, Kang Sung Hoon, and Forever2228, in which Kang Sung Hoon confirmed his wish to participate in the event. Therefore, it is difficult for us to conclude that the contract with YG Entertainment or consent form about Kang Sung Hoon’s personal activities was relevant to the requests made by the Taiwanese government. Woori Entertainment requested the wrong documents from Kang Sung Hoon and was not able to perform proper business.

—Seoul Northern District Court

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It is clear that the fan meeting could not take place because the representatives in Taiwan did not cary out their proper work and instead delegated the responsibility of visas to a third-party company. It is clear that the fault of the cancellation lies with the opposition, which is why we were able to win the case.

—Lee Soo Jin (Kang Sung Hoon’s legal representative)

Woori Entertainment had also previously received a penalty for signing a contract with Kang Sung Hoon for a Taiwanese fan meeting without properly registering as a public culture and arts development business with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

Source: Herald Pop