SECHS KIES’ Kang Sunghoon Faces Charges Over Fraud And Embezzlement

He now has three lawsuits at hand.

SECHS KIES’ fans have pressed charges against Kang Sunghoon’s individual fan club, Hoony World, over fraud and embezzlement.


Approximately 70 SECHS KIES fans submitted a formal complaint against Kang Sunghoon and Hoony World at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office on November 12 for embezzling charity funds from SECHS KIES’ ticket sales in 2017. According to the chief, Hoony World deceived fans by embezzling the profits from SECHS KIES’ 20th-year-anniversary event (April 15, 2017) ticket sales that were meant to be given to charity.

On March 6, 2017, Hoony World shared a post on their official homepage explaining the details to the charity funds and ticket sales profits for the “SECHS KIES 20th-year-anniversary screening”. The post stated that the profits from the ticket sales would be given to charity under SECHS KIES.


The fans who are pressing charges explained that they entrusted a total of 100 million KRW ($88,000 USD) but that Hoony World was not completely transparent in their spendings.

“We transferred about 100 million KRW ($88,000 USD) in ticket purchase fees and donations to the Forever 2228 (fan club name) account from March 6 to April 15, 2017. But the funds received from the victims were not used appropriately and were embezzled.”



Kang Sunghoon and Hoony World were also recently accused of scamming Taiwanese fans out of money during his solo fan meeting in September 2018. The affiliated Taiwanese companies and Kang Sunghoon are currently resolving the conflicts in court.

SECHS KIES’ Kang Sunghoon Accused Of Involvement In Fan Meeting Scam


Moreover, Kang Sunghoon’s ex-manager also threatened to take legal action when Kang and his stylist reportedly broke into the ex-manager’s home.

SECHS KIES’ Kang Sunghoon Caught Up In Scandal Again For Reportedly Breaking Into A House


As a result of the above scandals, Kang Sunghoon did not attend the SECHS KIES concert, which was held last month.


Meanwhile, he left a heartfelt message to his fans, thanking them for continuing to support him in difficult times.

“Thank you for loving me even though I am lacking in so many ways

I sincerely wanted to say this to you…
I know it’s late…
And I’m not confident enough to let go of my loving heart…
But to you guys who still believe in me, I am sorry and thankful…
All I can say is sorry…sorry…sorry…
And thank you…
All I had left was you guys…
It’ll be revealed… *Lord, please be with your lacking son*

Source: Tenasia