Second-Generation Idol Posts A “Sexy” Workout Clip — But Netizens Aren’t Impressed

The anger in the comments come from a huge scandal dating back to 2012!

K-Pop idol and actress Ryu Hwayoung recently posted a “sexy” workout clip on Instagram, but many netizens weren’t afraid to share their negative opinions on the Instagram video.

Ryu Hwayoung | @hwayoung_ryu_93/Instagram

Hwayoung joined T-ARA in 2010. But, in 2012, rumors erupted that the members of T-ARA had bullied Hwayoung, resulting in much discord and the eventual departure of Hwayoung from the girl group.

Yet, years after the first rumors, those who worked with the group revealed the rumors were false.

Despite the controversy, Hwayoung achieved some success in acting after leaving the group.

Hwayoung in “Age of Youth” | JTBC

Yet, many couldn’t forget what she and her sister Ryu Hyoyoung had done to the T-ARA members.

Because of this scandal, a recent post from Hwayoung has earned mixed views. At the end of May, Hwayoung shared a video of her working out and showcased her unreal athleticism and physique as she showed the extent of her workout.

| @hwayoung_ryu_93/Instagram
| @hwayoung_ryu_93/Instagram   

In the caption, Hwayoung flexed her abilities revealing the heavy weights she uses for her workout.

I’m a lady that can lift 100kgs with my booty~Maybe all my gains are happening in my glutes…

— Hwayoung

While most Instagram posts like these gain praise from fans, the comments on Hwayoung’s post were definitely mixed, with many netizens sharing their anger about the post… and it was all because of T-ara’s Jiyeon.

T-ARA’s Jiyeon | @jiyeon2__/Instagram

In May, Jiyeon shocked fans with her own sexy workout video that shook netizens and even led to her husband responding to the video.

After noticing the similarities between Hwayoung’s video and Jiyeon’s video, many netizens got angry and accused the star of blatantly copying her former member’s Instagram video. Many claimed Hwayoung was “obsessed” with Jiyeon, amongst other comments about the group.

It seems like the anger, specifically after seemingly copying Jiyeon, also further fuelled the fire because of the rumor’s impact on her career. In 2017, Jiyeon was set to make her solo comeback.

However, a report from Star News revealed that the idol had to delay the comeback after Hwayoung and Hyoyoung talked about the scandal on an episode of tvN’s Taxi.

Ryu Hyoyoung and Ryu Hwayoung on tvN Taxi.

While it has been some years since the scandal and the T-ara members have shined both apart and with their reunion, many netizens still feel bitter towards Hwayoung for what she put the members through.

You can read more about reactions to Jiyeon’s original post below.

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