Popular Second-Generation Idol Is Touched Inappropriately At Nagoya WATERBOMB Festival 2023 — Netizens Voice Their Anger

“Idols are still humans so respect them…”

The different WATERBOMB Festival shows have become a hot topic for fans. Idols of all ages and experiences put on amazing shows with fans where they interact and are sprayed with water.

Yet, a recent clip from Nagoya WATERBOMB Festival 2023 raised concerns after photos and videos were shown of a second-generation idol being touched inappropriately during the show, and it was Super Junior‘s Donghae.

Super Junior’s Donghae | @leedonghae/Instagram

On July 23, Donghae and Eunhyuk performed at the iconic festival. Unsurprisingly, they stole the hearts of fans with their fierce performances and unrivaled visuals.

Yet, while the performance was amazing, netizens raised concerns after photos of Donghae being “inappropriately” touched were shared online.

One OP shared the photos online and shared their “jealousy” about the actions.

This girl firstly touched Lee Donghae’s chest
And then Lee Donghae touched her hand
And then their fingers intertwined
Jealousy is an ugly trait.

— OP

Yet, while the OP of the tweet felt “Jealous,” other netizens online couldn’t hide their anger, even describing the actions as “harassment” as he was being touched without his consent and inappropriately. In particular, many were angry that Donghae wanted to interact with fans, but his personal space wasn’t being respected.

When a video was posted, Donghae seemed excited to walk into the crowd and interact with the fans personally.

The fan first touched Donghae, and the idol remained professional as netizens noticed that he kept trying to move it.

It happened again but as if he expected it, Donghae quickly took hold of the fan’s hand. While it could have been seen as a sweet gesture, some thought it was a polite way to stop the fan from touching his chest again.

Although Donghae is a veteran idol, netizens believed that there have to be boundaries as a fan. The idol wanted to interact with the audience properly, but it wouldn’t be surprising if actions like this made them more wary in the future.

Super Junior