This Second Generation Idol’s Visuals Has Netizens In Disbelief That She Is About To Turn 40

The fountain of youth is real.

When it comes to youthful visuals, K-Pop idols are always on top of their game. From rigorous skincare to artful makeup, every lifestyle choice comes together to defy the rules of aging for them. Recently, netizens were spellbound by the age-defying beauty of a second-generation idol who is touching 40 soon. And that idol is none other than Sandara Park, or Dara of 2NE1.

| @daraxxi/Instagram

The original post included Dara’s recent pictures, looking ethereal in a Giambattista Valli light pink dress at the Paris Fashion Week. The caption read, “How is she turning 40 next year?” Born in 1984, Dara’s current international age is 38, but her Korean age is 39, hence the caption.

| @daraxxi/Instagram
| @daraxxi/Instagram

The commenters seemed to be equally in awe of how young she looked in the picture.

  • “I think foreigners would mistake her for a minor if they didn’t know.”
  • “There’s something that Sandara Park was just born with. I’m a fan, I sometimes see pictures of her non-celebrity little sister. Her sister is in her 30s and she looks like she’s in her 20s. Not to mention that she takes a really good self-care. I don’t think a lot of people know that she’s kind of scary when she manages her body. She always tries to gain abs every time she performs, like for Coachella and her previous performances back then. Despite having the type of body that doesn’t get muscular easily.”
  • “The most important thing is not her age, but her face. I think her skin age would be so much younger than most of people in their 20s.”
  • “You have to eat properly to be healthy.”

Sandara Park has always been known as the “baby-face” celebrity who never looks her age. But she is not only defying the norms of aging in the looks department. Though belonging to the K-Pop industry, where female idols often lose the pace of their career after a certain age, Sandara Park has enjoyed a flourishing career for almost two decades as a singer, a performer, an actor, and more.

(from left to right) Minzy, Dara, CL, and Park Bom during their 2NE1 debut era
(from left to right) Dara, CL, Park Bom, and Minzy at Coachella in 2022 |

She has maintained youthful cheer in her personality as well. Dara is often noted for her humor, bold fashion choices, and relatable yet eccentric character. Recently, she went viral for bringing back an iconic hairstyle while also managing to lose her shoe mid-performance while doing a high kick during 2NE1’s reunion performance at Coachella.

Sandara Park’s iconic Coachella hairstyle | @daraxxi/Instagram

When it comes to Ms. Sandara Park, “forever young” is hardly a slogan. She is in fact the living embodiment of it!

Source: Pann


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