The Secret Behind An “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Song That Might Surprise You

The song accompanies all of Attorney Woo Young Woo’s “Aha!” moments.

The Korean drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo continues to reign as one of the top-rated dramas currently on air.

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The series follows Attorney Woo Young Woo, a talented 28-year-old attorney with autism. Viewers meet the main character Woo Young Woo after she is offered a job at a large law firm, Hanbada, after previously struggling to be hired after graduating from law school.

Woo Young Woo begins to make a name for herself at the law firm, using critical and creative thinking and her outstanding memory to navigate some of the firm’s most complex cases. Throughout the show, you’re introduced to supporting characters that become a part of Woo Young Woo’s everyday life. Some characters support her blossoming career, while others try to undercut her success and bring her down.

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After the latest two episodes aired, the drama recorded a 13.093% viewer rating, according to the rating research company Nielsen Korea. This was a 3% increase from last week, which recorded a rating of 9.1%. The amazing rating is even more impressive, considering the show’s first episode had a rating of 0.9%.

Viewers continue to fall in love with the dynamic characters the show introduces. 

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If you’re familiar with the show, you’ll know there is a key moment in each episode where Woo Young Woo has a breakthrough revelation about a topic. Her “Aha!” moment is represented the same way each time with an up-close shot of her face as her hair whips in the wind; the scene then segues to a clip of aquatic animals swimming in the ocean.

You may have also noticed the same song playing in the background each time. The song builds up the moment’s suspense as you wait to find out what Woo Young Woo has discovered.

It turns out that the creation of the song was as incredible as the show. The representative theme song for Woo Young Woo’s “Aha!” scenes was made entirely acapella. The talented group behind the song is the Korean acapella group, MayTree

You may have seen the talented group before, as they’ve gained millions of views and followers on popular social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

(From left to right) Maytree’s S.I., Soo, Hoony, Erika, and Kim Won Jong | @maytree_music/Instagram

The five-member group is known for their uncanny ability to replicate almost any sound with almost inhuman accuracy.


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♬ 오리지널 사운드 – Maytree 메이트리 – Maytree 메이트리

Their involvement in creating the theme from Extraordinary Attorney Woo became a hot topic on the popular Korean online community theqoo after MayTree revealed they were behind the song on their YouTube page. Reactions ranged from praise to disbelief that MayTree was able to produce the sounds they could replicate.

Fans may soon see more of the group, as they currently compete on the popular American competition show, America’s Got Talent, after passing their audition earlier this week. The group earned praise from the notoriously critical judge Simon Cowell for their “clever” performance.

Check out their incredible compilation performance by MayTree of the music from Extraordinary Attorney Woo, including the song they createdbelow!

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