Jin’s BTS Mattel Doll Made Its Acting Debut Before The Real Jin, And The Reactions Are Gold

ARMY wanted “Actor Jin”, but that’s not what they got!

On April 29, Jin and Jungkook made their acting debuts in Selena Gomez‘s new “Boyfriend” music video. Or rather, their BTS Mattel dolls did. Fans have been eagerly awaiting “Actor Jin’s” debut, but this isn’t what they had in mind!

1. This is why you should always read the fine print

2. *screams in Worldwide Handsome*

3. This cameo of the decade…

4. …and this deception of the century

5. Save Me: The Sequel

6. Hello, Dispatch?

7. Bring the pain on

8. Tired of living in an unfair society

9. It’s all just part of the plan

10. A once in a lifetime opportunity wasted!