Seohyun Joins Ma Dong Seok As Female Lead In Upcoming Movie “Holy Night: Demon Hunters”

Get ready to slay some evil spirits!

Girls’ Generation member Seohyun has exciting news for all of her fans.

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The singer and actress previously made headlines when it was revealed that she was offered the female lead role in the upcoming film Holy Night: Demon Hunters (working title) and was considering it positively. Earlier today, it was confirmed by The Daily Sports that Seohyun has officially accepted the offer.

Holy Night: Demon Hunters is an occult action film that will follow the story of a team who fights evil spirits. Seohyun will be portraying one of the main pillars of the team and will take on the role of a progressive female character.

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Holy Night: Demon Hunters, which may premiere with the title Inside, has been garnering heavy attention for its unique plot line. As headlines began to circulate about this upcoming film, many began to wonder about the female lead and who would be cast. With Seohyun’s casting confirmation, the excitement surrounding the movie has only increased.

The film previously gained massive attention when it was revealed that actor Ma Dong Seok was cast in the movie. It was also further revealed that Ma Dong Seok has been taking part in the planning process of the film, further exciting fans.

Actor Ma Dong Seok | News1

Seohyun has been impressing with her acting abilities as she transitions from her idol-life to her life as an actress. While she originally debuted as a singer with Girls’ Generation back in 2007, Seohyun has been showing off her stable acting skills in her numerous productions, such as Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart RyeoThe TimePrivate Lives and more.

Seohyun in “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” | SBS

The Girls’ Generation member previously made headlines for her other upcoming film titled Moral Sense. This film, not only made headlines for becoming Seohyun’s first big-screen production, but also for its interesting plot line as well. The movie, which is set to premiere on Netflix sometime this year, is based on a webcomic that shares the same title. The storyline of this upcoming K-Movie is centered around the subject of BDSM.

Seohyun, who has maintained her innocent and pure image ever since her 2007 debut, has piqued the intense interest of her fans and netizens ever since the news of her casting went public for this upcoming film.

Poster of webcomic “Moral Sense” | Book Folio

Seohyun’s confirmation in Holy Night: Demon Hunters continues to prove her expansion as an actress, as she challenges herself to different characters and unique plot lines.

Seohyun in “Private Lives” | JTBC

Holy Night: Demon Hunters will begin shooting in the second half of 2021 with no set premiere date.

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