Seoul Music Awards Exposes IZ*ONE Fandom for Cheating on the Voting App

Abnormal voting methods were detected amongst IZ*ONE fans.

Ahead of the 2020 Seoul Music Awards, the awards show recently made an announcement reporting IZ*ONE fans for using abnormal methods during the voting process.

The notice reads as follows:

Following the voting policy changes made on December 17, 2019, we have noticed abnormal voting behavior on the voting app.

We monitored the voting statements of each sector, which led to the discovery of abnormal behavior such as the creation of new accounts in a certain time frame for the purpose of voting. The details are as follows.

Time of Occurence: After 3:14, December 17, 2019

Sector of Occurence: K-Wave Popular Award, Popularity Award

Artist of Occurence: IZ*ONE

Number of Votes to Be Deleted: K-Wave Popular Award – 753,708, Popularity Award – 110,109

Time of Deletion: Between midnight and 12:30 AM, December 19, 2019

*It is possible that features of the app may not function smoothly during the deletion process.

*We have confirmed that no abnormal activity was detected for the other awards.

Such behavior is not normal voting behavior, and the differentiated votes will be deleted along with the accounts used for the voting which have already been deleted.

Seoul Music Awards is continuing to make efforts in order to make the voting process fair.

We ask that everyone cooperate with us so that we can keep the voting culture clean and maintain the true meaning of awards ceremonies for celebrities.

Thank you.

– Seoul Music Awards


Source: The Qoo