Both Seoul City And Paju City Confirm That BLACKPINK’s Jennie Did Not Break Any Social Distancing Regulations

She did not break any rules.

Previously, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie uploaded a set of photographs onto her Instagram that depicted more than 5 people at an arboretum. Due to the social distancing rules in South Korea that currently prevent gatherings of more than 5, the public began to question if Jennie had flouted the rules. Not only did YG Entertainment and the arboretum firmly deny any breaking of rules, but it was also further explained that Jennie and her crew had gone there for work.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

It was explained that Jennie had gone to film something for her YouTube channel. This is considered official work matters. The city of Paju, where the arboretum is located, conducted an investigation. It was revealed that Jennie’s visit was prefaced with the submission of a formal application for filming and ruled it as a matter of work rather than personal matters. They have concluded that Jennie and her team did not flout any social distancing rules.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Similarly, the city of Seoul also laid down the verdict that as it was for a YouTube filming, Jennie’s matter would not be governed by the no-more-than-5 rule. This is as it is considered a business excursion, given that there are profits to be reaped from the result.

Concluding the issue, Jennie has not flouted any social distancing rules of any kind through her visit to the arboretum.

Source: Chosun