S.E.S. Shoo’s Contract With New Agency Allegedly Fell Through After Gambling Scandal

According to her previous agency, she currently has no agency.

Following her gambling scandal and rumors of her separation from her husband,  S.E.S. Shoo‘s contract with a new agency has allegedly fallen through.


On December 31, Shoo’s previous agency stated that their contract with the star expired on March 1st of this year.

“Our contract with Shoo ended on March 1. We decided to part ways with Shoo while closing down our entertainment business.”

ㅡ Shoo’s previous agency


The agency explained that her gambling scandal broke out when she was negotiating terms with a new agency and as far as they know, she is currently without any management.

“Her gambling scandal broke out during negotiations with a new agency and the contract fell through. From what we know, she currently has no management agency.”

ㅡ Shoo’s previous agency


Shoo, who was accused of not paying back 600 million won in loans, explained how she ended up with the debt back in August.

“While suffering from the stress of raising children, I went to a hotel to rest and visited a casino for the first time. Without fully understanding the rules, I ended up in debt.”

ㅡ Shoo


Two lenders spoke up and claimed that Shoo did not pay back the money that was lent to her, some of which was suspected to be used for gambling. And while she was acquitted of her fraud and domestic gambling suspicions due to special exceptions of her permanent residency in Japan, she was eventually prosecuted on charges of habitual gambling on December 27.

S.E.S. Shoo Prosecuted For Gambling Thousands Of Dollars In Macau


Following her scandal, rumors claiming that she was separated from her husband had also been spreading. When the rumors first broke out in August, Shoo’s husband Lim Hyo Sung denied the rumors.

“Shoo is a good mother and wife. She is pure and unfamiliar with the ways of the world so she made a big mistake but she is reflecting upon herself. People come before money. I will lead my family in the right direction.”

ㅡ Lim Hyo Sung


This time around, however, he and Shoo both remain silent, raising suspicions that the couple may have indeed separated.

S.E.S. Shoo Rumored To Have Separated With Husband Following Gambling Scandal


Meanwhile, Shoo is currently facing trials for her gambling charges.

Source: Sports Chosun