Seungri Creates A Hilarious Parody MV Of BIGBANG’s “FXXK IT”

It’s nothing like the BIGBANG music videos you’ve seen before!

Seungri visited his father’s hometown in Youngkwang, where the area is famous for their dried croaker (called gulbi in Korean).

There, he met some of the friendliest elders who’ve been fishing and farming croakers for decades!


After getting to know the hardships that go behind creating the famous dried fish, Seungri decided to create a special promotional video for the town!

And he decided to use BIGBANG‘s famous song, ‘FXXK IT’!


He begins by holding up a row of dried fish as he names each one as a BIGBANG member. He wittily leaves out T.O.P‘s name as “that hyung” since it’s still a sensitive topic for the national audience.

“This is gulbi-GD. This is gulbi-Taeyang. This is gulbi-Daesung. This is gulbi-Seungri. This is… gulbi-ThatHyung. Yeah!”

— Seungri


Seungri hilariously changed the lyrics to fit the town and its delicious dried croaker. Instead of “에라 모르겠다 (Ah, f*ck it) I love it“, he changed it to “에라 굴비 먹자 (Ah, just eat gulbi) I love it“.


He went around town featuring some of the local people and local pets to showcase how beautiful Youngkwang is.

It also showed a glimpse of the hard work that goes into manufacturing these fish that Korean people love and adore as traditional dishes!


The cast of I Will Channel You were surprised by the amount of work and dedication Seungri went into creating the parody video. Seungri revealed that he squeeze in between the hectic recording schedules of his fellow YG artists to record the song.

“Truthfully, YG’s recording studio schedule is packed. I waited until my juniors finished recording and recorded mine.”

— Seungri


Not only did he have to wait for his junior artists to finish recording, he had to get permission from G-Dragon to parody the song! Since GD is busy in the military, Seungri contacted his mom for permission – and she thankfully accepted gladly!

“It turns out you need the permission of the original composer to make these parodies. The original composer is GD.

I discovered that you can get permission from the composer’s parents if you can’t get it from the composer himself, so I contacted GD’s mom.”

— Seungri


Well done, Seungri! G-Dragon will surely be proud of your amazing parody!

Source: SBS funE