BIGBANG’s Seungri Calls Out Jessica In Front Of An Entire Audience

Things friends do to each other.

Jessica Jung did not stand a chance the moment Seungri was left in charge of the party.


He was performing a set at Chanel’s pop-up store opening in Seoul with fellow celebrities present in the audience.

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During the last song of his set, he asked the attendees to stand up and enjoy the music.

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But it seems like he caught Jessica Jung still sitting in her seat, hence, the sudden call out. 

“The next song is the last song. I hope everyone can stand up. Miss Jessica Jung has not yet stood up.” 


She did not need any more persuading and stood up as Seungri continued with his performance. 


The hilarious encounter between the two proved how close and well-rounded Seungri seems to be with fellow celebrities. 


It’s also not the first time that the two have met. They were last seen as guest judges on MIXNINE, where Jessica was peppered by Seungri’s questions and blatant advice. 

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What a character!