Seungri’s Former Business Partner CEO Yoo Admits to All Charges Related to “Burning Sun”

He was charged for soliciting prostitution with his then business partner, Seungri.

Former CEO Yoo In Seok of Yuri Holdings and business partner of Seungri has admitted to all charges related to Burning Sun.

During his first court hearing attendance on June 3, Former CEO Yoo’s attorney stated that he admits to all charges made against him and promised to submit a written report detailing his role in the charges as well as the degree of his involvement.

Former CEO Yoo was charged for soliciting prostitution to foreign investors with his then business partner, Seungri, in 2015 and 2016.

He has also been charged for spending company money of Yuri Holdings to entertain senior superintendent of the police, Yoon Gyu Geun, who has been suspected of engaging in acts of corruption relating to Burning Sun.

Former CEO Yoo’s former business partner, Seungri will be attending separate court hearings through the federal court’s military branch following his enlistment back in March.

Former CEO Yoo is also famously known as actress Park Han Byul‘s husband.

Source: Yeonhap News