Fans Cancel Tickets To Seungri’s Concert After “Burning Sun Assault” Scandal, Netizens Mock Situation

“Burning ticket.”

Fans have been canceling their tickets to Seungri‘s upcoming concert after Seungri’s involvement in the “Burning Sun Assault” scandal.

Seungri will be holding the Seungri First Solo Tour- The Greatest Seungri- Final in Seoul concert on February 16-17. However, after the multiple scandals involving the club that he was managing came to light, fans have been canceling their tickets to his concert.


As of 2 pm on February 6 (KST), there were 424 tickets remaining to Seungri’s 1st concert on February 16. There were apparently 401 seats remaining on the morning of the same day, meaning that 20 tickets were canceled within 4 hours. Moreover, many people have been indicating their intention to sell their tickets through posts on social media and online community websites.


The upcoming concert will be Seungri’s final concert before enlisting in the military and therefore, the competition to secure tickets when they first went on sale last December was fierce. Of course, all tickets were sold out within a short period of time.

Meanwhile, some netizens continue to mock the situation:

  • “People who are still going to that concert are stupid. Go buy something good to eat with that money.”
  • “If it’s become this controversial, he has to retire from the entertainment industry.”
  • “Burning ticket.”
  • “What’s he thinking? Is there anyone who would pay to go? If so, what a waste of money.”
  • “Even though I’m a fan, I would cancel. YG is really the worst.”
  • “I guess YG is trying to scrape up the last bit of money since it’s already over. Bye bye, Seungri!”
Source: Sports Donga