Seungri’s Female Friend From Controversial Instagram Post Wins The Maxim Contest

She has become the 2018 Miss Maxim.

Seungri was recently attacked by netizens and fans for sharing a post that encouraged his fans to vote for his female friend in a contest hosted by the men’s magazine, Maxim.

Seungri Attacked By Netizens For Promoting Maxim Model


His friend, who is known as Lee Ah Yoon, was one of the top 3 contestants of the “Miss Maxim Contest”.

The candidates of the “Miss Maxim Contest” are chosen through online votes from the general public rather than a team of judges or evaluations by the host and anyone can apparently participate in the contest regardless of age, height, nationality or occupation.


In order to help his friend, who was in 3rd place at the time, Seungri shared a post on his Instagram stating that he would do an hour-long Instagram live session if Lee Ah Yoon wins the contest.


Fans were furious with Seungri, criticizing him for disrespecting his fans/BIGBANG, promoting an adult magazine when he has underage fans following his account and avoiding making any statements for his actions.

“Please give us feedback. Starting from Salty Tour and now this…Even if Seungri is the title for your solo career, you’re still a member of BIGBANG too and if you keep running away from giving a response, you’re ruining BIGBANG’s image too. It’s not only about you. You’re disgracing your fans and disrespecting BIGBANG. Please change this. For yourself, for BIGBANG and for your fans. Please give us a response and understand the gravity of the situation.”

ㅡ Netizen


Despite the harsh criticism, Lee Ah Yoon, who was running in 3rd place, rapidly rose to 1st place.


As a result of the votes, which was held until 3 pm, November 7, Lee Ah Yoon has now become the winner of the 2018 Miss Maxim contest.


Although Seungri had promised an hour-long Instagram live session if Lee Ah Yoon wins the contest, it seems unlikely that he will be able to fulfill this promise as fans continue to demand a response and apology from Seungri in regard to his Instagram post and the Salty Tour controversy, and Seungri continues to keep silent.

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Source: 1boon