Seungri Reveals The Latest Secret Method Idols Use To Ask Each Other Out

Talk about creativity!

During the latest episode of We Will Channel You, BIGBANG‘s Seungri revealed an incredible secret that happens on the fourth floor convenience store located in the broadcast building of Inkigayo.

“The fourth floor convenience store is an amazing place.”

— Seungri


Idols spend hours at the waiting rooms, preparing to perform on the music show. However, they’re not allowed to eat inside the waiting rooms so many of them congregate to the convenience store to fill their tummies.

Saint Van eating a sandwich from the store. (NOTE: Saint Van has nothing to do with this article’s topic.)


And apparently idols gather there not only to eat but also to do “many many”, “various” things…

“You’re not allowed to have a meal at the waiting rooms so everyone usually eats at the fourth floor store.

And many many things happen there. Various things happen at the fourth floor store.”

— Seungri


But not only do they stop by for some of the store’s famous sandwiches… They secretly exchange numbers and notes in ways even James Bond would be proud of!

“You see how the sandwich is wrapped in plastic? They slightly unwrap the plastic, put in a note with their number, and give it to someone.”

— Seungri


With such an in depth knowledge of the happenings at the fourth floor store, Kwanghee suspected that Seungri is speaking from experience!


Seungri firmly denied the claims and explained that he was only telling a story that he heard from someone else. It wasn’t him!


Considering how idols used to send secret messages through vending machines and soda cans back in the day, the new sandwich method seems to be the next big thing among secretly dating idols!

gugudan members eating at the convenience store. (NOTE: gugudan members have nothing to do with this article’s topic.)