Seungri’s Military Enlistment Date Still Remains Unconfirmed Due To His Police Investigations

The Military Manpower Administration made a statement.

It’s been confirmed once again that Seungri’s military enlistment date still remains unconfirmed in midst of his police investigations for illegal gambling.

The Military Manpower Administration revealed that it could be a while before Seungri is scheduled for his enlistment once again.

Seungri’s enlistment date hasn’t been set yet.

It’s all different. There are cases where it takes a long time [before it is scheduled again].



Seungri was originally scheduled to enlist back in March 25, 2019. However, that date was delayed after he was investigated for the Burning Sun Scandal, where he was accused of soliciting prostitution, embezzlement, and more. At the time, Seungri delayed the enlistment while siting “other unavoidable reasoning”.

The current military service law states that one may delay their enlistment five times within the 2 year period until they reach the age of 30. Seungri is turning 29 this year, so he can apply up to 4 more delays until he turns 30 next year.


However, if Seungri doesn’t apply for a postponement or if the MMA claims there is no reason for his postponement, Seungri’s investigations will be handed over to the military police at the time of his enlistment.

Seungri was recently investigated by the police for his gambling allegations, where he admitted to gambling illegally but denied charges of having hidden foreign transactions from the government. He was questioned for 12 hours. Before he left, he apologized once again and claimed that he told the truth during his investigation.

Source: Star Today

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