Rumored Girlfriend Of Seungri, Yoo Hye Won, Shares Thoughts On Marriage

They’ve been rumored to be dating for about five years.

In October 2018, a rumor was released that actress-turned-influencer Yoo Hye Won was dating former BIGBANG member Seungri. At that time, it was alleged that the two had been seeing each other for a year, and since then, there have been numerous stories that the two have continued to be in an alleged relationship over the years.

Yoo Hye Won and Seungri seen together in Amsterdam in 2018

It was only a few months after the two were first rumored to be dating that Seungri’s Burning Sun scandal began, which of course led to the former idol leaving BIGBANG and retiring from the K-Pop industry. It seems, though, that Yoo Hye Won decided to stay with Seungri even after these events and his eventual arrest, if the rumors of them still being together are true.

Yoo Hye Won | @yu__hyewon/Instagram

Earlier this year, Hye Won threatened legal action against those spreading rumors about her apparent relationship with Seungri, though she still didn’t clarify the truth of the relationship.


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Even more recently in June, she held a Q&A on her Instagram where someone asked her if she had a boyfriend. She responded saying that even if she did have one, she wouldn’t reveal him unless they were engaged to be married.

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A boyfriend comes and goes. I will only reveal the man who will marry me.

— Yoo Hye Won

On July 17, Hye Won once again hosted a Q&A session with fans. During the session, she was asked when she wanted to get married, to which she replied that anytime was fine if the time comes.

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Did everyone have a good weekend?
Q. Unnie, when do you want to get married?
A. If the time is right… Whenever is OK.


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Since Seungri was released from prison in February earlier this year, if the two of them are in a relationship, maybe there are plans for them to get engaged in the future. At this time, though, nothing has been confirmed about their alleged relationship.

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