Seungri Under Fire For Inappropriately Mistreating Sejeong On “Salty Tour”

He “inappropriately” mistreated her in front of everyone.

BIGBANG‘s Seungri guest starred on the latest run on Salty Tours with a cast including gugudan‘s Sejeong. The cast stopped by for dinner where they enjoyed food and drinks as they shared stories and jokes with each other.


Suddenly, out of the blue, Seungri suggested that Sejeong pour beer to the most attractive male cast member.

“Since Sejeong came out on Salty Tour… and there are five guys.

Forget about their fame, status, and wealth. Just based on their looks, personality, and style, please pour beer to the person you thought was the most attractive today.”

— Seungri


Sejeong became hesitant as she looked uncomfortable choosing between the male cast.

“What is this?”

— Sejeong


Sejeong went along with the game for broadcast purposes, but Seungri was heavily criticized for his inappropriate behavior of asking a female to pour drinks to a male.

  • “If I was Sejeong I would have wanted to kill myself… Why would you ask her to do that?”
  • “Is that something you should be doing as someone who’s been in the industry for over 10 years? He’s so thoughtless.”
  • “Go ask someone to pour you a drink at a host bar you f*cking loser.”
  • “If my bias did that I would leave the fandom. Is he f*cking stupid or is his arm broken? Why can’t you pour your own drink. Stop living in the Joseon era.”
  • “Is Sejeong your bar girl? Wtf do you mean pour drinks? Don’t you have hands?”
  • “That f*cking psycho.”
  • “This is so wrong;;; Even when a male boss asks a female employee to pour him a drink, he’ll most likely be charged with sexual harassmentㅋㅋㅋㅋ How could you do this to your junior?”


The act is seen inappropriate in Korean culture as men would often get women to pour drinks for them at brothels or hostess bars. It also implies that the one pouring is inferior to the one receiving the drink.


Much to the netizens’ surprise, many of Seungri’s fans also agree that his actions were inappropriate and should be addressed upon properly so that he can reflect on his actions.

Source: Nate Pann