Seungri Summoned For More Investigations Regarding Destruction Of Evidence

He has been undergoing more investigations.

Seungri was once again investigated on April 4 for allegations of destroying evidence. Yoo In Suk was also investigated as a witness regarding destruction of evidence. The police believe Seungri ordered the chatroom members to change their phones upon the reveal of the scandal. They believe Seungri ordered this after chat logs revealed allegations of prostitution on February 26.

Police will concentrate on whether or not he ordered the replacement of cell phones and intended to destroy evidence during their investigations. Members of the chatroom, including Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon, and Yoo In Suk all said that they don’t remember what happened in 2015 because it was so long ago. However it was discovered that it was Seungri who ordered them to change their phones, destroying the evidence. All but one member of the chatroom submitted new phones to the police.

Seungri also asked the chat members if they had any chat logs from 2015, as he did not remember what the messages contained. When the members said they did not because the chats were from 3 years ago, he told them to change their phones.

Change the cell phones you are using right now because a mandatory police investigation could happen.

— Seungri

Starting late in March, police began adding an additional charge to Seungri for destruction of evidence after realizing all of the cell phones submitted were new ones. Choi Jonghoon testified that Seungri told him to change his phone. Jung Joon Young and other members changed their phones for the same reason.

Seungri said to change my phone.

— Choi Jonghoon

Lawyer Joo Young Geul commented that it may be difficult for Seungri to be punished for destroying evidence, as it will be based on the circumstances involving the other chatroom members.

In this case, it may be difficult to punish Seungri for destroying evidence. If it is discovered that Choi Jonghoon, Yoo In Suk, or any of the chatroom members got rid of their cell phones to protect themselves instead of covering up Seungri’s misdeeds, then the law would not apply to Seungri as it does not constitute the destruction of evidence.

— Joo Young Geul

If Seungri is charged with destruction of evidence, the number of total charges against him will increase to five. He is currently charged with soliciting prostitution, violation of the Food and Sanitation Act, distributing hidden camera content, and embezzlement. It is likely that the police would specify destruction of evidence as their main reason for filing an arrest warrant. The court sees destruction of evidence as a possible sign that the perpetrator will try to run away from the crime.

Source: Joongang Ilbo

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