Police Reveal More Details About Seungri, Yoo In Suk And Superintendent Yoon’s Relation

New evidence has been discovered.

The police have revealed more details into the relation between Seungri and Yoo In Suk of Yuri Holdings and Superintendent Yoon, or the “police chief”.


On April 15, the police discovered additional instances where Superintendent Yoon was entertained by Yoo In Suk.

Superintendent Yoon has been stating that he played golf with Yoo In Suk a total of 2 times but according to the credit card statements and cell phone records, 2 more cases were revealed. Moreover, Superintendent Yoon stated that they each paid their own share during the golf sessions but in fact, Yoo In Suk had paid all 4 times.

It was additionally revealed that Yoo In Suk and Superintendent Yoon had a total of 6 meal gatherings together. Seungri was present for 4 of these meetings. It was confirmed that Yoo In Suk paid twice with his company card and Superintendent Yoon twice. Superintendent Yoon claims to have paid the remaining two meals in cash as well.


The police have stated that Yoo In Suk had paid more than Superintendent Yoon and plan to charge him with violation of the Kim Young Ran Act, which prohibits public officials and their spouses from accepting gifts worth more than 50,000 won (increased to 100,000 won at weddings or funerals).


Meanwhile, the police have requested for Seungri’s arrest warrant on the basis of prostitution solicitation. The police have secured financial transaction records that show Seungri paying large amounts of money to women from adult entertainment centers, soliciting prostitution.

Source: TV Daily

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