Seungri’s Military Enlistment Date Has Been Confirmed

Seungri will be enlisting soon.

Seungri‘s military enlistment date has been confirmed to be on March 9, and he will be serving in active duty.

Seungri will enter military boot camp at the 6th Infantry Division in Cheorwon, Gangwon-do on March 9. Following his five weeks of basic military training, he will serve in active duty with an unannounced battalion.

He recently garnered attention for his partying with his friends, just ahead of his pending enlistment. Seungri postponed his enlistment back in March 2019 to undergo investigation for his relation to the Burning Sun scandal. Because the arrest warrant requested against him was deemed invalid, Seungri could no longer continue to delay his enlistment.

To impose a fair military service requirement, a notice of enlistment was sent to Seungri when his investigation ended. He submitted a response claiming that he will enlist under the same conditions as the general public once his investigations were over.

This was due to the nature of how long-term trials in private courts could impede on military services.

— Military Manpower Association

Seungri Spotted Partying With Friends Ahead Of His Military Enlistment

Previously, it was reported that Seungri would be enlisting in the military on March 6.

Source: SPOTV