SEVENTEEN Fans’ Reaction To The Caratbong Version 3 At “SEVENTEEN In CARAT LAND” Goes Viral

The reactions were noticeable before and during the fan meeting.

SEVENTEEN recently released the third version of their light stick, the Caratbong.

The first Caratbong was released in 2017 and the second in 2019. Both designs featured SEVENTEEN’s colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity, and fans loved their beautiful designs.

Version 1 and 2 of SEVENTEEN’s light stick | PLEDIS Entertainment

But fans immediately had mixed reactions when the trailer for the third version of the Caratbong was released. Although the new design was still pretty…

Fans thought the darker color scheme didn’t “suit SEVENTEEN’s brand at all.” Instead, fans felt it could better belong to another group’s concept.

Many fans suggested DIY-ing designs for the new Caratbongs to make them better suited to SEVENTEEN’s concept.

Although other fans pointed out that doing so meant that people would still be purchasing the light stick, rather than boycotting it and hoping that their thoughts would be taken into consideration for a fourth version.

So unsurprisingly, fans didn’t seem interested when they were given the opportunity to purchase the latest version of the Caratbong at the group’s recent fan meeting, SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND.

Instead, multiple pictures of the stockpile of the third edition Caratbongs went viral, as fans didn’t seem to be purchasing them.

And many fans attending the fan meeting proudly waved the well-loved second version of the light stick instead.

Fans felt proud of their boycott of the new design and hope that their desires for the light stick will be taken into consideration by Pledis Entertainment in the future.

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“It’s A Downgrade.” — Fans Have Mixed Feelings About SEVENTEEN’s New Lightstick Design


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