SEVENTEEN Opens Up About The Immense Stress They Were Under When They Renewed Their Contracts Last Year

Negotiations were concluded in 2021.

SEVENTEEN is one of the oldest K-Pop groups that are currently active. Debuting in 2015 with the song “Ador U,” they have been promoting for seven years already.

It is common for groups to disband at this point. In fact, the term “seven year curse” was coined as a result of the numerous artists who chose to break up seven years into their careers.

4Minute debuted in 2009 and disbanded in 2016 | CUBE Entertainment

SEVENTEEN could have disbanded like 4Minute, gone on hiatus to pursue different careers like Girls’ Generation, partially change companies like MONSTA X, and more. Instead, they continued their promotions with their current lineup and in their current company. They went deep into contract negotiations with PLEDIS Entertainment in 2021 despite it being a year early.

MONSTA X’s IM left STARSHIP Entertainment but remained in MONSTA X

In a recent interview with Billboard, SEVENTEEN opened up about this topic and revealed that it was incredibly stressful for them all.

SEVENTEEN’s contract would have expired in 2022

When they were asked to name “the moments of weakness or hardships [they] were navigating to come to a better place,” Joshua brought up their negotiations period.

Renewing our contracts was [a] hardship in itself.

— Joshua


Contrary to what fans may have expected, their close relationship did not make the renewal process any easier. It was an area they were not used to and they had to figure out each member’s priorities while managing the legal, mental, and emotional complexities of it all.

Even if we’re so close, renewing a contract, that’s a new thing in itself. It was a really, really hard process for us—they’re complicated.

— Joshua

Vernon agreed that it was a difficult time for everyone. Though they put a smile on their faces in front of their fans, they had many worries behind the scenes.

It was pretty tough, yeah. Not only as artists but just also as brothers; it’s just way too complicated. So that was stressful.

— Vernon

Some members were more troubled than others. Vernon, for one, went with the flow. Rather than make many demands, he wanted what was best for his friends.

I think there are members who had a harder time than I did because I honestly just wanted to follow whatever the members thought was right.

— Vernon


Their bond grew even stronger as a result. SEVENTEEN and their company reached a proper conclusion that satisfied all parties involved.

We really had to kind of guide ourselves through that whole process. I’m just really thankful for the members. And fortunately, in the end, everything went well.

— Vernon

The news was revealed in July 2021 to the happiness of CARATs around the world.

Although their previous contracts had not yet expired, all thirteen members of SEVENTEEN and our company engaged in deep discussions on the future vision of the group that led to a clear consensus, enabling both parties to re-sign their contracts ahead of schedule.

The members of SEVENTEEN wished to explain the significance of the renewed contract and their determination for the future by saying that ‘all thirteen members agreed that we will continue to be together in the trust and strong teamwork that we have developed over the years, and as ‘One Team’ SEVENTEEN will continue to strive to bring great music and fantastic performances to fans around the world.’

— PLEDIS Entertainment

| PLEDIS Entertainment

They will be promoting together for another five years.

Source: Billboard