SEVENTEEN’s DK SLAYS A Cover Of BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” — Even The Dance Break

Main ✨SLAYER✨.

On day one of SEVENTEEN‘s fan meeting, 2023’s CARATLAND, Dino perfectly covered BLACKPINK‘s “Shut Down.”

On the second day, it was DK‘s turn to shine! He let out his inner BLINK and completely slayed “Pink Venom.”

Vernon‘s reaction in the back is us!

He did the moves not only with power, but precision.

We love the sassy hip shakes!

He broke into a dance break and went all out.

If you’re wondering why the dance break is different from BLACKPINK’s, DK covered the original choreography by choreographer Lee Jung.

The impressive choreography was edited to fit BLACKPINK’s stage and live singing better.

We totally enjoyed seeing DK rock the original though!

The crowd went completely insane when he broke into the dance break. You can hear the difference in decibels the instant he flips the switch.

You can check out Lee Jung’s original dance break below.

Here is another angle of DK.

The little dance covers were part of a punishment for a game segment. Only the losers would have to dance to a “song that does not fit them.” We wonder whose cover we can look forward to on the third and last day of 2023 CARATLAND!