SEVENTEEN’s DK Goes Viral For Resemblance To “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actor Kang Ki Young

We can’t unsee it!

SEVENTEEN‘s DK is going viral for his resemblance to actor Kang Ki Young.


Kang Ki Young

You might recognize Kang Ki Young from many K-Dramas, such as Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo or What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (just to name a couple).

Lee Sung Kyung (left) and Kang Ki Young (right) in “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.” | MBC TV

Kang Ki Young in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.”

But it’s his character, Jeong Myeon Seok, in ENA‘s hit K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo that draws comparisons to DK and vice versa.

Kang Ki Young (left) and Park Eun Bin (right) in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” | ENA

A couple of tweets have gone viral recently in Korea that put the two side by side, pointing out their similarities. People who have that look are FUNNY AF. For example, Dokyeom. LOL I’m crying at how funny this is T-T

@itsyou_itchu/Twitter: Omg, can we protect Mr. Kang and Baby DK’s reputations PLEASE?

Not only are their laughing faces similar but even their thoughtful resting faces.

… Mr.  Jung?

— @01_SVT_/Twitter

The tweets above have received 10.4K and 24.1K likes at the time of writing, respectively.

Especially with the release of GOING SEVENTEEN Episode 58, we can’t unsee it. With specs and a suit, DK looks like he could be Kang Ki Young’s twin or at least younger brother.

So, now, tweets are going viral worldwide pointing out the resemblance. The one below has 26.2K likes at the time of writing.

Yet, some fans have noticed the similarities between Kang Ki Young and DK since the start of Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Considering DK is a fan of the K-Drama, too, we imagine that he would be complimented to know netizens are comparing him and Kang Ki Young!

Since Extraordinary Attorney Woo premiered, he has been talking about it.

With talks of a Season 2 for Extraordinary Attorney Woo now, DK could totally cameo as either a younger Jeong Myeon Seok or his brother.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo