SEVENTEEN’s DK Once Chucked A Water Bottle At Fans, And His Reaction Was Everything

It was an accident.

SEVENTEEN embarked on a world tour last year, and in the middle of a concert in Seoul, Korea, DK made a mistake that has gone viral for his genuine reaction.

During their song, “NICE”, DK decided to help his fans cool off during the heated concert.

So in an attempt to give them a spray of cold water, he swung his opened water bottle.

But the swing was so powerful that the bottle itself went flying.


What’s even more hilarious than the accident was DK’s reaction afterward.


He not only put his hands together in apology, but he even went down on his knees.

Throughout the whole song, DK bowed, put his hands together, and looked downright shocked.

And even as he walked away after the song, he couldn’t stop apologizing to fans.

DK was obviously very apologetic, but most fans probably just thought it was cute and funny.

Here’s hoping nobody got hurt!

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight