SEVENTEEN Hoshi’s Dancers Have The Funniest Reactions To His “Spider” MV

They’re just as funny as Hoshi!

On April 2, SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi released his solo debut mixtape Spider along with a music video for the title track. Fans and his fellow group members alike have reacted to his fantastic work, and now it’s time to check out what his dancers have been saying!

When the music video was released, the dancers working with him had the cutest reactions, shared with the world via Instagram posts and stories!

One of the dancers, Redy (also known as Soobin Shin), posted a screenshot of the video on her story with the caption “Mom, I’m the one with the red hair! ㅠㅠ.”

Another dancer, Jungseok Chae, shared a clip of the video as well as screenshots as an Instagram post, with the caption reading, “I participated as a dancer of the newly released ‘Hoshi – Spider’. It was great to be with great singers, great people, and great performances.🔥 (Hoshi, I tried my best to hold Hoshi’s neck 😂).”

Others shared their excitement that it was finally out, as the video release was a culmination of all their hard work.

Choreographer and dancer Kim Da Seul even joked that it was her hands’ debut!

A few days later, when Hoshi’s “BE ORIGINAL” dance video with Studio Choom came out, Jungseok shared a video of all the dancers watching it and cheering!

You can watch the music video for “Spider” below–try to see if you can point out the dancers!