SEVENTEEN Members Show Their Support For Hoshi’s Solo Debut “Spider”

They’re as amazed as we are!

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi recently released his first solo mixtape, Spider, and not only is it driving fans crazy, his fellow members are amazed as well!

| Pledis Entertainment

After the release of the music video, his fellow members took to Weverse and Weibo to express their love and support for Hoshi!


Maknae Dino posted on Weverse, saying “This is why I like hyung” and telling fans to pay attention to Hoshi.


DK’s Weverse post conveyed his amazement at Hoshi!


Jeonghan included a cute nickname for Hoshi in his post, thanking him the hard work he put into “Spider.”


While Jun’s Weibo post was short, his excitement was conveyed through his use of exclamation points!


Leader S.Coups’ message was touching: “My favorite solo artist’s music video came out.”

Hoshi even shared that S.Coups congratulated him and sent him not only a coffee truck, but a new pair of shoes as well!


Seungkwan’s post was nothing but the truth!

Seungkwan also texted Hoshi a long, heartfelt message, which Hoshi shared with Carats on Weverse.


The8’s Weverse message had a comedic flair to it.

His Weibo post was more serious, saying “The leader of the performance team is here” with Hoshi’s signature tiger emoji.


We’re feeling proud too, Wonwoo!


Woozi, who assisted in the production of “Spider,” expressed just how proud of Hoshi he is.

If you haven’t seen Hoshi’s incredible solo debut, you can watch it below!