SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Goes Viral For His “That Rich Auntie” Moment During “2023 SEVENTEEN In CARATLAND”

Candy fairy but make it ✨expensive✨.

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan has the most endearing habit of giving out candy to fans at events. He has never failed to put a smile on fans’ faces by bringing them little treats!

He threw fans candy bars while on a moving platform at 2022’s Be The Sun.

Another time in 2021, he even gave out the basket that he used to hold the candy when he realized he had no more sweets left.

He really is the angel of giving. Once, he was even spotted giving out cup ramyun.

This year, at 2023’s SEVENTEEN in CARATLAND fan meeting, Jeonghan brought the largest bag he could find. He gave out the candy in his usual manner.

Jeonghan giving out the candy hit over 214,000 views within hours.

When he ran out of candy, he showed the empty bag to fans with the cutest pout.

While his antics are a huge part of why fans love him, another reason why this moment went viral was because of his choice of bag. He had gone for no less than a Saint Laurent bag to store his candy.

The Rive Gauche tote goes for $2290 USD.

| Harrods

CARATs loved the “rich aunt” vibes.

Many CARATs agreed that it was a very Jeonghan thing of him to do.

We’d all love a rich aunt Jeonghan in our lives!

While we’re loving the candy bag upgrade, we also love how much he cares about CARATs!


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