SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Has One Wish For The Group Members As They “Grow Old” In The Years To Come

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan reveals one wish he has for the future with his bandmates.

As one of the eldest members of the group, Jeonghan has always been known to dote on his fellow SEVENTEEN members. Be it through practical jokes or genuine caring sentiments, he always makes sure it’s known how much he cares about them.

Jeonghan’s love for his bandmates has long been known. In the past, the rest of SEVENTEEN have often spoken about how essential Jeonghan is to the team, mentioning how he has been known to put the needs of others before his own and is always available to lend an ear in anyone’s time of needs. They certainly know that this sentiment is mutual among them.

Jeonghan (left) getting shy with Jun (right) | SEVENTEEN/YouTube

In SEVENTEEN’s YouTube reality series, Going Seventeen, one yearly staple is their “SVT MT Reality” series, often abbreviated as “TTT”. Though they perform different activities in each entry into the “TTT” series, the running concept is the group all going together to relax in more of a vacation-like setting than usual. At the end of the episode, the members usually have an emotional chat with each other, and more than a few times, Jeonghan’s love for the group has been the topic of discussion therein.

During their 2019 “TTT” in particular, all the members spoke at length about just how much Jeonghan cherishes SEVENTEEN and their bond as a group. “He thinks about our team the most, really,” leader S.Coups said of him, explaining that Jeonghan often talks as if he “only has [SEVENTEEN].Hoshi also chimed in, proclaiming how touched he was by Jeonghan’s feelings, much to Jeonghan’s embarrassment.

Joshua (left) and Jeonghan (right)

Given the way Jeonghan feels about his bandmates, it comes as no surprise that he has dreams for the future that involve them as well. During a recent interview with ELLE Korea for their January issue, he was asked for his thoughts about fellow 95-liners, Joshua and S. Coups, and mentioned in his answer that he hopes they can keep living together in the future.

Even if we grow older, I hope we can live close to each other! This is also something I hope for all of SEVENTEEN. That we’ll be gathered in one neighborhood.

– Jeonghan, by @dawncheol/Twitter

SEVENTEEN have already changed dorms several times since debut, and if past groups are any indication, they certainly won’t be in them forever. However, fans can certainly hope that Jeonghan’s dream of being able to live near the members he cares about so deeply will continue to be a reality in the future!

Source: Twitter, YouTube, Elle, Twitter and WeHeartIt