SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Prepares For Philippine Weather With His Airport Fashion

He learned a lot from the last time he was there.

The airport fashion of idols often causes a stir among paparazzi and fans alike, sometimes because they intentionally embarrass themselves, other times because of their unconventional style. Of course, some celebrities effortlessly turn the trip into a fashion show.

The airport fashion of NewJeans before departing for 2022 KCON Japan

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu is no stranger to going overseas since he and his group have had multiple concerts abroad. He typically has no trouble wearing looks that belong on a catwalk.


Press and fans alike were shocked when Mingyu decided to wear nothing but a simple short-sleeved black shirt on his latest trip! His choice was even stranger because temperatures in South Korea sometimes go under 0 degrees celsius in the winter!

His unlikely airport fashion only made sense when he told one photographer, “We’re going to the Philippines!

Although South Korea and the Philippines are only 4 hours apart by plane, their climates couldn’t be more different in December. Temperatures in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, still reach well over 30 degrees celsius due to the country’s humidity.

Some CARATs, SEVENTEEN’s official fandom, appreciated Mingyu’s foresight, while others laughed about how cold he would be until he arrived in the Philippines.

Hopefully, all of the SEVENTEEN members will arrive safely and in time for their second Be The Sun concert in the Philippines.