SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And THE8, Hwang Minhyun And WOODZ Attend YouTuber Haneul’s Wedding

WOODZ even danced a congratulatory song.

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu and THE8, Hwang Minhyun, and WOODZ (Cho Seungyoun) recently surprised everyone when they appeared at the wedding of YouTuber Haneul.

Through uploads from various wedding guests, the celebrities were spotted watching the ceremony. WOODZ was even given the role of walking the ringbearer puppy down the aisle! The puppy belongs to Haneul.

Later at the after party, WOODZ also danced along cutely to congratulate the couple. Haneul can be seen bobbing along next to him.

| @1uvyouryouth/Twitter

Fans took the opportunity to squeal over WOODZ in a tie and shirt.

Guys omg, WOODZ is dancing in just a button-down and a tie.

— Fan

Mingyu and THE8 watched on from the sidelines, with Hwang Minhyun next to them. Fans speculated that they knew the groom as they stood on the groom’s side of the room. Typically, guests stand according to which side they were invited by.

It is not known what Haneul’s husband does for a living. She has not revealed his identity on her popular YouTube channel.

Haneul herself boasts around 645,000 subscribers and owns an online shop for lingerie. Congratulations to the new couple!


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