“It’s So Creepy” — SEVENTEEN Sasaeng Caught In “Superman Returns” Promotional Photo

Nobody noticed at the time.

Sasaengs are known as obsessive “fans” who cross the line with their favorite K-Pop idols by frequently invading their privacy.

A sasaeng lunges towards BLACKPINK at the airport.

Their disturbing behavior ranges from visiting an idol’s house or dorm to calling their phone number repeatedly. They may be present at official or unofficial schedules.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon gets taken away by a sasaeng.

Sometimes the idol may take to social media to voice their comfort, such as BTS‘s Jungkook who recently had a sasaeng deliver unwanted food to his home address.

BTS’s Jungkook gets grabbed by intrusive fans at the airport.

One of the latest cases of sasaeng behavior involves SEVENTEEN as the members film for Superman Returns.

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan and The8 with some of the cast | Weibo

However, before the official announcement of the show was made, fans began seeing preview photos of the members on set appearing on social media.

| @shu1230svt/Twitter

When looking at the official promotional photos for the show that were released soon after, netizens noticed something disturbing when looking closer at the photo.

| Superman Returns

Lurking in the background, a sasaeng fan was hiding behind a structure to take photos of the members.

Upon seeing the photos, netizens were creeped out by the scary behavior and imagined just how disturbed the SEVENTEEN members may be by this and other sasaeng-related situations they may unfortunately experience.

  • “I would have had goosebumps all over the moment I saw them. If I hadn’t seen that and saw my photos being posted online…I would have felt like I was being stalked 365 days 24 hours.”
  • “They were a really famous fansite master…I didn’t think they would do that..it’s so creepy.”
  • “They could have just cropped it and posted just the members…but seeing that they posted it like that, it looks like ‘Superman Returns’ was also aiming for this.”
  • “This is a bit scary..did they really have to go that far?”
  • “Idols must be so scared because of sasaengs.”
| Nate Pann

Fans hope that the members can be properly protected from stalker fans in the future.

Source: Nate Pann


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