SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Warmly Offers To Pay For Fans’ Meals At His Favorite Restaurant

Carats are so lucky!

The Lunar New Year holidays just passed in South Korea. For the long weekend, many idols returned to their hometowns to spend time with their family. SEVENTEEN‘s S.COUPS was no exception. He traveled back to Daegu, where he visited a meat restaurant that he is known to frequent.

The restaurant owner knows S.COUPS thanks to his consistent visits. This connection led the owner to specially open the store for S.COUPS to fulfill his craving without worrying about being mobbed. S.COUPS posted about it on Weverse, sharing with Carats what he got up to during the holidays.

I’m leaving happily after reading letters, eating, and watching [the TV] well.


The restaurant got more popular after S.COUPS’ visits, leading the owner to play SEVENTEEN’s videos on the big screen when possible. S.COUPS has been raving about his beloved hideaway since 2021, when fans were curious about his favorite hometown restaurant.

It’s Dutoom Charcoal Grill in Suseong-gu.


He’s been craving grilled meat since mid-December 2022! When he told fans about his craving, a fan going down to Daegu with other Carats bragged about it to him.

I’m going there with other Carats tomorrow!!! Seungcheollie should join too.

— Carat

The sweet leader made sure to take care of his fans by offering to pay for the meal.

Show this to them and put it on my tab.


This was not the first time that S.COUPS or SEVENTEEN showed their generosity to fans. They have always been paying for fans’ meals at restaurants during chance encounters. When is it our turn to get lucky?


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