SEVENTEEN’s Security Guard Throws Dispatch For A Loop During An Airport Live

(Camera shaking intensifies)

On January 21 (KST), SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan and Hoshi returned to Korea via Incheon International Airport after attending Fashion Week in Paris, France.

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan in Paris | Dispatch

To welcome the members, Korean press—including Dispatch—showed up at arrivals. As usual, the press began live broadcasting the wait for the idols.

A little over 55 minutes into the live broadcast, SEVENTEEN’s security guard was spotted walking up to a Dispatch camera. The guard carried a serious look, enough that the fans watching the broadcast admitted to feeling intimidated for a second.

| KOREA Dispatch/YouTube

That was… until the guard pulled an unexpected Woozi heart out of the blue!

I was watching the live broadcast when the security guard stared into the camera with a super scary look on his face. I was intimidated even though I was watching at home. But then he pulled a woo-ah-hae out of the blue. Like what the f*ck? LMFAO. You can hear the reporters screaming.

— @regittfos/Twitter

The “Cheek Heart,” also known to Carats as the “Woo-ah-hae” heart, is an endearing gesture that Woozi likes to show as a sign of his love for the fans.

Bamboozled by the guard’s woo-ah-hae, Dispatch’s camera began shaking out of control while the reporters behind the scene was heard gasping in sheer shock.

He must have done it not knowing the camera is broadcasting live. HAHAHAHA.

— @regittfos/Twitter

When the guard was told that he had been broadcast live, he also looked bamboozled—and was later heard asking to be edited out somehow!

Reporter: What in the world-?!

Man: You’re live. That’s a live cam!

Guard: IT’S LIVE?!

Man: Yes, it’s live. It’s broadcasting!

(Camera shaking intensifies)

Reporter: Thank you, security team…

Mortifying? Possibly, for the guard.

| KOREA Dispatch/YouTube 

For Carats and other K-Pop fans, though, the unedited live is now an absolute favorite!

| theqoo
  • “The reporter losing their sh*t is absolutely hilarious, HAHAHAHA.”
  • “So even the security guards for SEVENTEEN are funny? LOL.”
  • “WOO-AH-HAE!”
  • “Just how delightful is this! Ahahahaha!”
  • “F*cking hilarious, holy sh*t. LMAO.”
  • “This is driving me insane, HAHAHA!”
  • “Look at the camera shaking, though. LMAO.”
  • “Must have learned it from someone? Hahahaha.”

Watch the full broadcast here.

Source: theqoo