An Author Reveals That SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Had Personally Bought A Book For ASTRO’s Moonbin

It was special to him and Moonbin.

As the world still reels from the tragic news of ASTRO Moonbin‘s passing, a writer by the name of Lee Jung Hyun has delivered a comforting anecdote to fans. Upon Moonbin’s passing, it seems that his best friend, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan, had wanted to belatedly gift him a book by Lee Jung Hyun.

According to the writer, Seungkwan had purchased five books from him, one of which was meant for Moonbin. Although the writer did not realize who it was meant for at first, he put the pieces together after reading about the passing in the news.

It was the first time I received such a request. He said he wanted to give a book of mine to a friend as a gift, but the friend was no longer here. He said his friend enjoyed thinking and writing, so he wanted to read my writings with his friend. It wasn’t odd for me to think of his name at that moment. Because although I’d never met him, at the time that I heard the news, I had already spent a few days touching his name. Because I had spent the very few days prior, thinking of him and writing him a message. Seungkwan had received a recommendation for the book from another customer, and when I heard the name that would go on the first page, I realized that the book was meant for Bin-ssi. That name did not disappear from my mind for a few days. My customer [Seungkwan] bought five books, and I signed four while standing. I held the last book and sat down. As I wrote the name lingering in my mind, my pen could not move, and I stared at the white paper on the first page for a long time. I rewrote the sentences that I had written thinking of him. I will remember his bright smile for a long time, so I hope that we can meet again one day and share a conversation. Although I am still not good, I hope that the words I’ve rewritten with a trembling hand will reach you a little closer.

— Lee Jung Hyun

O the first page of the book Although I’m Not Good At It, I Wish to Live Well, he wrote a touching message to Moonbin.


Let’s meet again someday. I hope that when that day comes, you will have become a person whose pillow has never been wet, and we can smile. Let’s be curious of each other as if we have never met before. Let’s wave our hands and part, as if we have seen each other yesterday, as if we will meet again tomorrow. Be well and see you again.

2023 Spring, from Lee Jung Hyun

— Lee Jung Hyun

With a heavy heart, we hope that Moonbin continues to rest in peace.

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