Fan Teases SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan With His Lookalike At “BE THE SUN” Concert

He didn’t deny their resemblance 🤭

SEVENTEEN has been enjoying their travels across North America for their BE THE SUN world tour. Naturally, it wouldn’t be complete without a bit of harmless teasing between the group and fans.

Seungkwan | @jhsgyu/Twitter

For the group’s concert stop in Washington, DC, a fan came prepared with a sign of the main character from the animated show Thomas the Train. They were referring to the time Joshua said Seungkwan looked like the character Thomas.

Pointing between himself and the sign, Seungkwan made the funniest face as he asked, “Do I look similar?

The members were quick to join in on the joke. They said, “Same, same,” and, “You’re brothers.

Seungkwan couldn’t let them get the last laugh. He confidently said, “I think I [look] a little better than him.” He then was able to do a bit of teasing of his own.

When Seungkwan held the microphone for the fan to attempt his high note in “VERY NICE”, he absolutely adored it.

The relationship between Carats and SEVENTEEN is a special one.

Jeonghan and Seungkwan.

Check out Seungkwan acknowledging his lookalike and living for fans singing “VERY NICE”.