SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Finally Meets TWICE’s Momo After “Traumatizing” Past Experience With Her

Here’s what happened.

TWICE‘s Momo and SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan have finally met again after the latter was “traumatized” by her, and they hilariously poked fun at the incident.



As fans may recall, the “DREAM” singer talked about the unfortunate experience in a past live broadcast. He explained that the two groups would often have overlapping promotions and see each other in music shows.

We overlapped so much with TWICE. Like ‘Ooh Ahh’ and ‘Mansae’ were overlapped. ‘Pretty U’ and ‘Cheer Up’ were exactly in the same time period. Also, ‘Signal’ and ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ overlapped and ‘Likey’ and ‘Clap.’

— Seungkwan

However, he once joked in front of them, “If we keep matching, our companies should have a talk.” Since he left out a lot of words, the TWICE members didn’t understand what he said and remained silent. The mood instantly turned awkward.

But the worst part about it all was Momo’s stern expression! “I have trauma,” he shared.

In a separate video, the “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” singer apologized to Seungkwan, saying, “I guess I couldn’t control my facial expression so I was probably like, ‘Eh?’ I feel very sorry.”

Luckily, that’s now all a thing of the past! Momo and Seungkwan as well as fellow TWICE member Jihyo recently met up for a TikTok dance video. At the start of the video, they even recreated the awkward moment that traumatized him.

A fun coincidence is that Seungkwan’s nickname is Boo, which also happens to be the name of Momo’s beloved dog. She completed the video by bringing out Boo and placing them side by side.

Seungkwan once cleaned Boo’s excrement at a restaurant without even knowing who the owner was, so everything has come full circle! It’s wonderful that they can finally meet again.

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TWICE’s Momo Apologizes For Accidentally Traumatizing SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan