SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Reveals The Reason Why He Didn’t Talk To Mingyu For Two Months

Mingyu made up for it in the best way.

In the latest Going SEVENTEEN episode, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan brought up an old fight where he didn’t talk to Mingyu for two months. In the video itself, the only detail on the fight that Seungkwan revealed was that it had something to do with his birthday, leaving fans wondering what the full behind story was.

Seungkwan and Mingyu are known for having a love-hate relationship: they tease each other just as much as they care for one another.


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Mingyu’s also the only member that can hold Seungkwan back when Seungkwan gets angry (well, Mingyu’s the one holding everyone back in SEVENTEEN when they get mad, but he and Seungkwan have some iconic moments).


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And so, true to their chaotic relationship, it’s no surprise that a few fights have broken out between them over their many years of friendship, and they aren’t afraid to air out their laundry.

During an online fansign, a CARAT brought up the 2-month fight and asked Seungkwan the story behind it. The fight took place during their pre-debut days, so it was a time when the members weren’t as close as they are now, and it was also when Seungkwan was probably still trying to get used to being so far from his home in Jeju. Due to these reasons the fight turned out to be more of a last-straw-on-the-camel’s-back moment than an actual disagreement.

While Seungkwan now dismisses the fight as being over something small, it’s easy to understand why his heart must have hurt during that time. We can also see that Mingyu meant no harm (because who doesn’t birthday punch their friends), but receiving your first birthday wish in such a teasing manner after a whole day of waiting can’t be very pleasant.

Thankfully, everything’s been resolved, and the two are as close as they can be. And while teasing has now become a staple of Seungkwan and Mingyu’s relationship, they also take care of each other like true brothers.

Mingyu even made up for the birthday flicks by making homemade seaweed soup (a traditional South Korean birthday meal) for Seungkwan on his birthday.


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Truly the sweetest and funniest love-hate relationship to ever exist. You can read about how the conversation even came up in the first place here:

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Refused To Talk To Mingyu For 2 Months