SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Corrects Mingyu’s Typo…And Ends Up Bringing NU’EST Into Things

He unintentionally made everyone laugh.

SEVENTEEN is always sending fans cute messages on their Weverse community page. On October 19, 2021, Mingyu posted a short but sweet message for fans, “Heart-fluttering.

However, Mingyu made a small typo. Instead of “seol-ren-da“, he ended up typing “seol-raen-da“. While this would not have usually mattered, groupmate Boo Seungkwan had something to say about it.

He replied with “What am I to do if I want to criticize the ‘Ren’ in the midst of this?” What seemed to be a normal comment correcting Mingyu soon sent Carats laughing when they pointed out that “Ren” could easily also refer to their label mate and senior, NU’EST‘s Ren. In that context, Seungkwan wanting to criticize his senior would be no laughing matter!

Looks like Seungkwan always manages to bring the humor out in every situation!

Source: pann