SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Has A Hilarious Reaction To Finding Out LE SSERAFIM Eunchae’s Age

“How does it feel…”

When it comes to K-Pop, one of the constant topics spoken about is the issue of idols debuting at a very young age. As a lot of the more senior idols attend music and variety shows, they come across junior artists much younger than them and their reactions are definitely hilarious.

Recently, one idol who had the funniest reaction to finding out the age of a younger idol was SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan.

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan | @pledis_boos/Instagram

The HYBE artists have recently captured the hearts of netizens worldwide as they participate in The Game Caterers. Throughout the released episodes, with more to come, the idols have been interacting with each other in the most wholesome way ever.

In particular, for the newest HYBE group LE SSERAFIM, it was the perfect way to become closer with their seniors and one moment caught the attention of fans, and it was between Seungkwan and the youngest member Eunchae, who is only 16 years old.


During the episode, Seungkwan explained that he heard that Eunchae was very young when their hit track “Pretty U” came out. The SEVENTEEN member then asked Eunchae exactly how old she was when the track was released.

“Pretty U” is definitely one of the most iconic tracks in K-Pop. Since it was released in 2016, netizens worldwide have made it one of their favorite anthems.

“Pretty U” performance | 1theK/YouTube
| 1theK/YouTube   

Yet, Eunchae’s answer to Seungkwan’s question truly shocked him as the idol revealed that she was only ten years old when the song was first released.

As soon as the words left Eunchae’s mouth, Seungkwan had the funniest reaction and just started laughing, especially when the caption explained that Seungkwan was 19 at that time and several members of fromis_9 were 20 (Korean age).

After confirming Eunchae was born in 2006, Seungkwan hilariously asked the young idol how it felt to be so young.

Eunchae seemed taken back by the question, and Seungkwan joked that she didn’t actually have to respond to it, adding, “I was just joking.”

When the clip was posted on social media, netizens couldn’t get over the interaction between the idols. While many loved how pure the interaction was, others joked about how relatable Seungkwan was as someone born in 1998 when they see younger idols.

With many more episodes left, it won’t be the first, second, or last adorable interaction between the HYBE artists. Seungkwan once again showcased his adorable personality, and Eunchae was truly pure when responding.

You can read more from the episode below.

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