SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Reveals Who DK Is A Total Fanboy Of

Even the biggest stars still have times where they feel star-struck.

SEVENTEEN‘s main vocalist Seungkwan recently participated in an interview with 1stLook where he discussed his personal beauty and makeup tips and tricks.

Seungkwan for 1stLook | @1stlookofficial/Instagram

In the interview, Seungkwan is asked to share some trivia about his fellow SEVENTEEN members.

After thinking on it for a bit, he decides to tell a story about his fellow main vocalist, DK.

DK | @dk_is_dokyeom/Instagram

As he begins telling the anecdote, he reveals who DK used to be a huge fan of in his school days: IU!

Seungkwan then relates the tale of how the group had once been in the green room next to IU.

He mentions how he and member Jeonghan had greeted IU in the hallway.

Then how they had gone into the green room afterward and spilled the details to DK and the rest.

And DK totally freaked out!

Seungkwan, of course, thought the whole affair was so cute that he just had to tell us all about it.

DK surely must have been over the moon when IU proved herself to be a fan of SEVENTEEN not long ago!

Of course, fans have not been slow to point out that DK’s love of IU is obvious. Just look how nervous he is getting the opportunity to stand next to her!

In Seungkwan’s interview with 1stLook, he talks about much more than just this anecdote. You can watch the full video here:

Source: 1stLook