SEVENTEEN Seungkwan’s And NewJeans’ Communication Mishap Almost Led To A Huge Misunderstanding

“It’s always Seungkwan.”

SEVENTEEN and NewJeans are both groups under the huge HYBE Label. Although NewJeans is under ADOR while SEVENTEEN remains with Pledis, they share the same building and more. During a brief meeting, the two groups had, member Seungkwan almost had a huge misunderstanding with NewJeans thanks to the noisy environment.

They met at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards. Naturally, as company seniors and juniors, they greeted each other. At the ceremony, it was so noisy that when Seungkwan tried to talk to the girls, they misheard him completely.

  • Hoshi: Seungkwan came late.
  • Jeonghan: Right. He came last.
  • Seungkwan: Yeah, I was late. And I was put on the spot, like, “Seungkwan! Say something!”
  • Jeonghan: Wait, have you never told this story before?
  • Seungkwan: No, never. Anyway, I didn’t want to sound like a kkondae.
  • Jeonghan: By the way, this is the same story I decided not to tell on my vlive the other day because I thought it’d be better coming from Seungkwan himself.
  • Seungkwan: Yeah. Like I said, I didn’t really think I was in the position to advise or anything. But I did want them to be happy. So I said, “LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!” But then, the group has foreign members, too, and I thought, “Wait, what if they don’t understand what I’m saying?” And that’s when I remembered that I’d read about their comeback. So I asked, “You’re making a comeback soon. Right?” But it was kind of loud there. And I saw member Hanni laugh like, “Hehehe.” So I asked again, “Aren’t you making a comeback soon?” But this time, all five members laughed at my question.
  • Jeonghan: At that point, we thought, “Okay. They’re not grasping anything we’re saying right now.
    Seungkwan: We realized we weren’t making any sense to them. But I tried asking one more time.
  • Jeonghan: Right.
  • Seungkwan: I went, “MAKING A COMEBACK, NO?
  • Jeonghan: It’s not like you were asking a weird question.
  • Seungkwan: Right. I was asking them about their comeback. I tried to really enunciate, and I even looked straight at them that time. But the rest of my teammates thought we were done, so they pulled me away, like, “Come on, Seungkwan. Drop it.
  • Jeonghan: Like, “Stop trying to talk to them!
  • Seungkwan: I was just asking if they were making their comeback any time soon!
  • Jeonghan: And I was like, “Stop, let’s go.

It turns out, Seungkwan had meant to ask the girls about their comeback, but the words for”can’t” and “soon” in Korean sound similar.

  • Seungkwan: I still remember how flustered Hanni looked. Like, behind that giggle, I felt like there was great confusion. And it turned out- Backstage, I started wondering if I made a mistake or something. I was also confused. And later, I heard that-
  • Hoshi: We heard through the director.
    Seungkwan: I heard that they thought I was saying, “You won’t be making a comeback soon!
  • Jeonghan: And they were like, “(Gasp) But why? Why can’t we make a comeback soon?
  • Seungkwan: They thought I was being like, “NAH! YOU WON’T BE COMING BACK ANYTIME SOON!
  • Jeonghan: So it was like Seungkwan threatening no comebacks, and their nervous giggles. “NO COMEBACKS!” More nervous giggles. And then I pulled him away, so the conversation was left at that.
  • Dino: Oh, man. Bummer.
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Thankfully, the misunderstanding was soon resolved.

  • Jeonghan: Anyway, after all that, we eventually resolved the misunderstanding.
  • Hoshi: Since we’re part of the same company-
  • Jeonghan: Right. We were able to clear up the misunderstanding since we’re in the same company.
  • Seungkwan: I mean, it wasn’t like I could go find them and explain or anything. So… Yeah.
  • Hoshi: You can just tell them what you meant to say now.
  • Seungkwan: I love “Ditto.”
  • Dino: How did this just turn into Seungkwan’s press conference?

Minji also gave her side of the story through Phoning.

| Phoning

You can’t make a comeback, right?” LOL. What’s more is that I only could hear “you can’t, right?!” I was smiling with my lips but my eyes were darting around like a hundred times… like, “w-what can’t we do…?

— Minji

Thanks to the company’s higher-ups, the two groups managed to solve the mishap before it turned into an even bigger misunderstanding!

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